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As they proceed towards the castle, Tintin informs his fellow rebels that his spy has infiltrated in the castle and would be sending different encoded information that might be of help to them.

To decrease friction and reduce wear and tear of Technothlon exam papers tyre Play with Numbers 1. The reach expanded to examination centers across cities in the country. In order to crack the code, some random words and their coded versions have been given.

What is the minimum number of telephone calls required so that all of them know everything? A number is mentioned on some of the cubes.

He wanted to see what would happen if he goes back in time and stops himself from using the time machine ever. Sabazius is willing to initiate Tapan directly into the Elite group, provided he can solve the third riddle.

Sliding coins is a puzzle in which an arrangement of coins is rearranged to another arrangement by sliding one coin at a time. Below, there is a large pool of volcanic lava which is hot enough to instantly kill upon contact.

A 8-digit number is such that its 1st digit specifies the number of zeroes, 2nd digit specifies the number of ones and so on.

Technothlon 2018 Answer Key Prelims July 2018 Exam Solved Question Paper

There is a four digit number, which when written in reverse order, becomes 4 times itself. The members can belong to the same class or as well as different class. Force directed away from the centre Q4. After the telephone call, they both know everything that either of them knew before the call.


Coco disagrees and complains that this is giving Alonso an advantage. However, the electricity supply there had been cut. We define one cycle as the time duration till he finishes the time travel in all the machines at least once Question 22 How far back in time in hours does Shashank when present in the innermost box go at the end of one such cycle?

The basic requirements for team formation is that they should consist of exactly two members from the same squad and the same school. If each number has to differ from every other number in at least two places. What is the maximum distance you can cover?

He told us we have consecutive letters on our papers Thompson: If suppose one switches the machine on for an hour, then after switching it off; for the next 1 hour, everything within the machine travels backwards in time for the same duration.

The final ranking will be based on the total marks Obtained in all the sections. To decrease friction and improve grip c.

Question 19 The code represents a sentence. You need to bubble the correct options in the OMR. What is the maximum distance you can cover? To create maximum downward force and minimum drag b.

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On the ballot, each voter lists the three candidates in order of their preference. Now suppose that the tool can toggle 15 consecutive lamps then with how many lamps can Tintin achieve the same? Sentence or word will form like this: To create maximum downward force and minimum drag b. In order to make room for the load carried by the truck, only one of the barrels can be carried at a time.

Al Capone and his n-1 friends are sitting in a circular fashion when Tintin meets him Total of n people. Walking along, Tintin overheard the two island gate guards, Thomson and Thompson chatting amongst themselves.

To create minimum downward force and minimum drag c. Tintin identified 9 of them correctly except the encircled ones, can you help him find the rest by telling the sum of the weights of the encircled ones?To have a feel of the sort of questions asked in Technothlon, the best you can do is that you can see the last year papers of Technothlon: @ Technothlon | Downloads Best way to prepare for Technothlon is: Wait for the day of the exam.

Technopedia is the online module of Technothlon providing the participants an exclusive experience before they give the preliminary exam, with monthly quizzes and the various articles which are added to the module agronumericus.comution: Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati.

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Uploaded by. Technothlon is an international school championship organized by the student fraternity of IIT Guwahati for students of classes 9 to Technothlon – International School Championship by IIT Guwahati: Registrations Open.

School; The question paper will have various sections like maths, puzzles, code crunchers etc. Home Essays Technothlon Exam Papers. Technothlon Exam Papers. Topics: Question, Answer, Following Pages: 5 ( words) Published: July 15, Question paper for Junior squad (classes 9thth).

For Technothlon Previous question papers CLICK HERE HAUT SQUAD – Question 1: Before leaving, he wants to test whether his friend Captain Haddock is wise enough.

Technothlon exam papers
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