Smacking ban should not be placed

Let wisdom prevail - a loving parent will protect their child - don't let the state impose a nonsensical, EU-generated ruling that interferes with parenting. A devoutly Christian couple who attend church each Sunday, they are confident of their beliefs and principles.

And they have concerns around your ability to work with the department. The couple received a glowing recommendation from their social worker so, when their case was heard by a strong fostering panel, they didn't anticipate any problems.

The kids know it and taunt their parents saying that there is nothing that they can do. In December last year the Scottish Executive spelled out plans to increase the protection afforded to children under the law.

A devoutly Christian couple, they are confident of their beliefs and principles. Justice spokesman Lord James Douglas-Hamilton said the proposed legislation was an "insult to Scotland's parents".

Anne McCormick, Wirral Chastisement of a child is and should be the loving parent's responsibility. We are not talking systematic beatings here, far from it. Related Articles In any case, many of you felt, a smacking ban would not prevent child abuse since those who abuse their children will do so regardless of the law.

Unicef figures show that there is no basis for the claim that there are lower rates of child maltreatment deaths in countries where smacking has been outlawed compared with countries where moderate physical correction is permitted under the law.

Putting parents in jail will only put a further burden on society, strain family relationships, cause financial hardship and cause psychological problems for the children involved.

There were a few tears from Emma, a realisation that she had behaved badly and, as is always the case when the Bowens smack their child - an infrequent event - mother, father and daughter had a loving cuddle.

Tom Allen I fail to see how prosecuting caring parents for disciplining their children will prevent child abuse. In Victoria, there is no legislation relevant to domestic corporal punishment by parents although there is a common law defence for parental use of corporal punishment.

The pair giggle and laugh, as Heather smiles indulgently. For the Government to even try to enforce this law and set up home surveillance to prevent children from being smacked they would need to use an absurd amount of tax payers money causing an uproar from parents everywhere as this law would already be infringing their rights but now also be invading their privacy.

The Act states that the punishment is not reasonable if it is applied to any part of the head or neck of the child, or if it is applied to any other part of the body of the child in such a way as to be likely to cause harm to the child that lasts for more than a short period.

Most felt that a light tap was often the only way to control very small children and that, rather than damaging children, it was an effective part of a loving parent-child relationship. A legal ban on the physical correction of children would inevitably lead to unnecessary police and social service investigations in loving families where children are not at the slightest risk of harm.

The consultation on Welsh Government plans to end the physical punishment of children in Wales, published today, found just over half They have clearly given a great deal of thought to how they should chastise their daughter and take their parental responsibilities seriously.

There is no negotiation.That's the finding of a public consultation on smacking and “Children should not be subjected to violence in any circumstance.

this proposal suggests that the government is. Parents are best placed to care for their children - not the Government.

Smacking ban should not be placed

“Wales doesn’t need a ban on smacking to prevent child abuse. Comprehensive legislation is already in place to protect children from abuse and those who fall foul of the law should face the consequences of their actions.

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Your views: Should the Government ban smacking?

fail to see how a total ban on smacking would help. Professor Stewart-Brown complains that general practitioners, paediatricians, and primary care nurses will be required to adjudicate on whether or not a punishment medical professionals would be placed in the unenviable position of having. More than 50 countries have banned smacking, and this is why it's time for Wales to join them the so-called “smacking ban” as part of its.

Over the past six months a debate has arisen over whether Australia should adopt a law that makes parents smacking their children a crime. As it is a matter of personal choice, parents should be allowed to smack their kid’s, many Australian parents believe it is their right and that it should not be a crime for parents to smack their children as a means of .

Smacking ban should not be placed
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