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Or, as Ucucha correctly notes, better yet -- pursuant to the rationale for this move -- would be the single meme "Metternich". Metternich spent many months at the French Imperial court where he became acquainted with many powerful persons both in the court, and more widely Prince metternich French society.

Napoleon The Austrian state suffered a marked military reverse inflicted by Napoleonic forces at a major battle of Wagram in July.

He accepted deception as a legitimate tool of state. He also supported a period of moderate censorship, aimed at preventing provocation of the French. Even so, in the subsequent Treaty of Reichenbach, June 24,between Austria, Prussia, and Russia, Metternich undertook to bring Austria into the war against France if Napoleon rejected the peace terms that he was offering.

Yet Metternich could never overcome the objections of his strictly absolutist emperor. This progress having been accelerated more rapidly than the growth of wisdom the only counterpoise to passions and to error ; a revolution prepared by the false systems, the fatal errors into which many of the most illustrious sovereigns of the last half of the eighteenth century fell, has at last broken out in a country advanced in knowledge, and enervated by pleasure, in a country inhabited by a people whom one can only regard as frivolous, from the facility with which they comprehend and the difficulty they experience in judging calmly.

Only a few days before his death Metternich had been interviewed by a writer named J. The revolution was already completed in the palaces of Kings, in the drawing-rooms and boudoirs of certain cities, while among the great mass of the people it was still only in a state of preparation.

He had precise ideas about the basis for a new order in Europe but knew from the start that he would have to modify them substantially if he was to salvage even a small part of his plans against the opposition of self-interested princes.

By dominating the negotiations with the French during the summer ofMetternich gained more time for rearming. The father of the family, Count Francis George, was involved in diplomatic circles and, at the time of his son Clemens' birth, was in the service of the Habsburgs of Austria.

Clemens von Metternich: The man who outwitted Napoleon?

Given that he and his father held the same title, I think it makes sense to treat them analogously, and certainly "Richard von Metternich" is not unheard of - it gets more basic google hits than "Richard Metternich".

Metternich spent the vacations with his father at Brussels, then Austrian Netherlands, where he found employment at the Chancery, his father's workplace. Thus the Jacobin propaganda failed entirely to realise criminal hopes.

The result of the move request was: Also, he was afraid that Russia would get too big and too powerful. It is sufficient to cast a glance on the course which the Governments followed during the eighteenth century, to be convinced that not one among them was ignorant of the evil or of the crisis towards which the social body was tending.

His return to Vienna was celebrated by an occasional cantata that included the line "History holds thee up to posterity as a model among great men".

Thus the Jacobin propaganda failed entirely to realise criminal hopes.

Klemens, Fürst von Metternich

Stadion tendered his resignation as Foreign Minister in the aftermath, and the Emperor immediately offered the post to Metternich. After World War II some historians pointed out that one of the main reasons for his opposition to giving power to the people was his apprehension that eventually it would lead to the political dominance of German nationalism.

He arrived in Vienna on 11 December and was finally able to spend considerable time with his children. He remained in Vienna until the close in Mayfinding the whole affair a bore.

Metternich's system was more generally tested by a spate of liberalising revolutions widely across western Europe in where the rulers of many European States found it necessary, for a time at least, to concede Constitutions to those they ruled.

The Russians themselves mainly Orthodox Christians for their part were inclined to support the Orthodox Christian Greeks partly in line with their own expansionary aims and partly in the belief that Ottoman Turkey was in decay and thus it fell to others to follow policies that would tend to provide a longer term stability to the region.

But there were still some revolts in Europe, and finally in a bunch of revolts happened at the same time. Drag through the mud the name of God and the powers instituted by His divine decrees, and the revolution will be prepared! Nevertheless, due to the revolutionary spirit at and around Strasbourg, Metternich switched to Mainz university shortly after, where he was educated in all things politics and diplomacy by Professor Nicholas Vogt.

My first impression was that the article has been hijacked by some conservative partisan who is a fan of Henry Kissinger, but the article history shows a different state of affairs; most of the skewed material was added gradually by anonymous IP addresses.

For the next year, diplomats from all over Europe met at the Congress of Vienna to decide how things were going to be now that Napoleon was gone. Here he led the interrogation of the French Minister of War the Marquis de Beurnonville and several accompanying National Convention commissioners.

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I came here to look for information about Metternich's marriages, and there isn't even a mention of his first wife dying, and the other marriages.

He accompanied his sovereign for a final meeting with Napoleon at Dresden in May before Napoleon embarked upon the French invasion of Russia. Napoleon had come to see Russia as a serious obstacle to his plans for Prince metternich organisation of Europe. By an unbroken chain of festivities, Metternich kept the visiting monarchs in a mood that made them disinclined to interfere very persistently in the real work of the statesmen.

From these perturbations it followed that the revolutionary spirit could in Germany, Italy, and later on in Spain, easily hide itself under the veil of patriotism We are convinced that society can no longer be saved without strong Prince metternich vigorous resolutions on the part of the Governments still free in their opinions and actions.As Austrian foreign minister from toClemens von Metternich was a major player in European affairs for twice as long as Napoleon Bonaparte.

A closet admirer of the French Emperor, he was concerned to show himself as the man who had outwitted him. Clemens (or Klemens) von Metternich was. Prince Klemens von Metternich () was the leading figure in European government up until As political master of the Austrian Empire, he was the architect of an alliance system among the European powers after Napoleon's defeat - a system which tried to undo the damage to traditional.

Klemens Wenzel, Prince von Metternich (German: Klemens Wenzel Nepomuk Lothar, Fürst von Metternich-Winneburg zu Beilstein) (May 15, – June 11, ) was an Austrian is thought of as one of the most important diplomats of all time.

Metternich was Foreign Minister for Austria from until Prince Metternich opposed the complete restoration of the German Empire. The new German Bund was a loose system of 35 sovereign states and four independent cities. Breaking up the German Empire meant that there was no single strong power: no single ruler, no common administration, military or.

Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Prince Metternich - Austrian Statesman: Born in Coblenz, Germany, Prince Metternich studied at Strasburg and Mainz and became Austrian foreign minister in Metternich took a prominent part in the Congress of Vienna and dominated European politics from to He acted as the restorer of the 'Old Regime' and the reconstruction of Europe after the Napoleonic wars.

Prince metternich
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