Nothing happens by chance

To make that event a certainty you must believe with certainty. When your frequency is the same as what you desire, the universe will always find a way to give you what you want. This quality of trust in God despite the punishment and the price that He extracts fits in well with the words of Yirmiyahu, which come in response to the difficult reality of his time.

Here you find the reflection of a magnificent harmony that allows you to discover that God exists and He is within you.

Proverbs 16:33

The core of Parashat Bechukotai is the rebuke, and the haftara serves as a response to that reproach. If you happen to encounter a wounded person in your ordinary course of business, then you may rightly presume God put him in your path to see what you would do Luke It only appears when you or someone else observes it.

Think about how you met your partner or got your first job. Well, because they feel it takes away from their achievements. The most carefully planned project can be ruined by a single chance event, but a seemingly ridiculous idea could be a huge success due to chance! In case of abuse, Themes and Ideas in the Haftara: Scientists can clone duplicate an organism using a single cell.

What became of them? He was noticed and got the part! This too is meaningless. Your thoughts are energy. Process your thoughts and feelings about your experiences each day. That, to me, is praying in faith. We all began as a single cell. Like numbers on buses, or numbers on documents?

Gene told me that if I was ever in Nashville, I could stay with him and his wife, Lucy. By looking at this verse in the Bible Ecclesiastes 7: People and things just appeared at exactly the right moment?

In the classical science, the chaos theory emerged when the scientific world could not find the correct instruments to explain the irregular and inconstant aspects of nature. Those incarnated on earth for the first time, do not have karma because the new souls are from the light bandwidth now and arrive IN SYNC with their soul conglomerate and quantum laws of compassionate thought.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from synchronicity. That's right my brother or sister God still has a plan for you! To create or sustain good feelings you need to do the inner work of aligning with quantum truths of compassion.

Examine all areas of your life to see if you can connect the dots between the numbers. It is the structure of the universe. Chance events align themselves to your advantage when you focus your attention on them.

I sent Gene a note, asking if he was serious about his generous offer. Synchronicities tend to happen when they are needed.

Is it true that

There are many other examples. If you agree with the law of synchronicity, then you connect more deeply and send out a strong message ripplewhich creates more synchronicity and coincidence in your favor.

These events are telling you something. I told them that I thought Anderson would be willing to buy a vowel once the new ad campaign is launched. The rules of cause and effect do not apply to synchronistic events.

Then watch as quantum mechanics organizes events in your favor, this is science. I highly recommend these books to one and all. The odds are totally against it! Nothing happens by chance — all things happen by the choice and power of God.Nothing happens by chance Initially, my song Big Picture Window was only meant to be a gift for my son, Kevin, for one of his high-school graduation gifts.

As I was picking out pictures for this song/picture montage, the Big Picture in my life became even more clear to me. Jun 11,  · Nothing in life happens by chance and God has our lives all planned out. We can be anything or achieve anything that our heart desires. If we put God first,then ask him for it, then be willing to receive and to take advantage of every door that's been open.

Quantum principle of CAUSE and EFFECT or RECIPROCAL ACTION is that nothing happens by chance or outside of quantum rules and fact that you cannot identify a cause or effect is IRRELEVANT. For every action there is a reaction or consequence someplace. NOTHING HAPPENS BY CHANCE gives the answers to all these questions in seven easy-to-read chapters.

It shows you how to take control and to be in the driver’s seat of your life. There’s a basic Law of Life that we need to be aware Neil A. Mence. Accident, Bet, Happens, Nothing, Planned, Politics, Way, You Quotes to Explore Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of.

It should, then, be understood that the haftara is not one of consolation in the classical sense, that it does not come to describe a rosy future that will replace the gloomy present, and that we.

Nothing happens by chance
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