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For the purpose of undertaking resources for small project, contractor selection method will be the most suitable method as it decreases the requirement of the interference of top level management. Supporting disciplines such as computer science and decision science may also play an important role.


The key stages are as follows: Therefore, good management techniques will definitely determine the kind of output of the industry and measure the efficiency of the industry in Nigeria with Ibadan in Oyo State as a case study. Performing assigned task and coordinating with other members of the team are included within general roles and responsibilities of team members.

The work effort to accomplish this activity is quite substantial and must become routine to the project manager. Courses in mathematics and statistics are also relevant. Controlling changes to the project scope 3. Unorganized signifier of unfastened store is found chiefly in lodging building and involve bulk of unskilled labors.

These contracts can be used for the purpose of undertaking different tasks related with construction. For illustration, a immature adolescent requires small skill and can larn rapidly how to run a machine.

When possible, at the start up of the project, a contingency in the schedule should be initiated, which could allow for the reassignment of labor duties, on an as-needed basis, to protect the project from avoidable delays. Project Planning The Planning phase involves the creation of a set of planning documents witch will guide the project team through the project.

Free Essays Labour direction is one of the of import techniques used by directors in building undertaking direction. There are potential conflicts between the stated objectives with regard to scope, cost, time and quality, and the constraints imposed on human material and financial resources.

Construction project management encompasses a set of objectives which may be accomplished by implementing a series of operations subject to resource constraints.

Additionally, material purchases and deliveries are shown on the schedule to maintain control of, long lead time items make this mandatory and should be noted as milestones. The construction industry is the pivot of any economy and a belief held in both the developed and developing countries Nubi.

Therefore, effort gears towards improving the efficiency of the construction industry in Nigeria in terms of improving on construction management techniques is worthwhile and will contribute to better performance of the industry. Considering that word… How Many Pages is Words?

Project control is best analyzed by applying the factors of a unique operation, following its output and measuring its results. This guide to the project must clearly show each activity, starting and finishing dates, duration, resources, long lead item purchasing schedule, submittal dates, purchasing dates all tied together by meaningful relationships, the networking between tasks.

For those managing multiple projects, frequent travel between sites is required. Along with this exercise, the project manager must coordinate the submittals with the construction schedule, since, be relying on the order of procurement, he can depend on the sequencing of the progress of the construction.

The next step is to decide the level of detail one needs to show on a schedule to assist him in the management of the project. Non-productive activities are besides one of the factors that affect job-site productiveness. In addition, many managers use cost-estimating and planning software to determine costs and the materials and time required to complete projects.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control are implemented to make sure that the level of quality is achieved. Over a period of clip, as their accomplishment and cognition accumulates, they become a skill labor. Resource management should be shared with the project superintendent validating the manpower demands as anticipated by the estimate.

Internships, cooperative education programs, and previous work in the construction industry can provide that experience.

Assessment of Construction Management Techniques in Nigeria Construction Industry

Creating a project scope management plan that documents how the project scope will be defined verified, controlled. It is sometimes best to begin by listing all of the activities of the table of contents, by sub subdivisions as they appear in the specification document.

HRM acts a bridge between top level management and workers. In add-on, certain accomplishment and experience is needed to use in building site such as finding the slack of concrete whether concrete is suited to utilize or non.

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In direction to this, frequent monitoring of the project is implied. Subsequently, when under such unstable environment, contractor demand to flexibility in hiring and puting off labor for building work as their volumes of work rise and autumn out of the blue.

A Project Manager is appointed and the objectives, scope and structure of the new project is outlined in the Project Charter. The schedule impact must be analyzed immediately and communicated to the same.

However, the need to meet deadlines and to respond to delays and emergencies often requires construction managers to work many additional hours.

There arefactors affecting the construction management techniques in Ibadan, Oyo state. In order to undertake the project, there is a need of having some effective project has conducted an in depth literature review on the concepts related to construction processes, construction risks, major types of construction risks, risk management principles and risk management principles specific to construction projects.

The conventional approach to labour relations project management is to build on the costs and arrangements on the last comparable project, develop a list of inflexible parameters for contractors and manage disputes by past practice and reaction.

Construction managers typically must have a bachelor’s degree, and learn management techniques through on-the-job training. Large construction firms increasingly prefer candidates with both construction experience and a bachelor’s degree in a construction-related training: Moderate-term on-the-job training.

Labour management is one of the important techniques used by managers in construction project management. A good project management in construction should vigorously pursue the efficient utilization of labour. With a proper labour management, the availability of labour will always sufficient to.

In spite of this, the small projects in construction do not feature a great deal of systematic risk management (Azinim & Edum-Fotwe, ; Simu, ) Principle of risk management The International Organization for Standardization identifies the following principles of risk management: 􀂾 Risk management should create value.

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