Essay on responsibilities towards earth

Being a common citizen, no one shows sympathy with the crime and must raise voice against that. Gandhi Use of natural resources faster than they can be replenished can lead to resource depletion. School education is the foundational level to bring awareness into the mind of children, and thus, the education is crucial.

Take care of our resources! They should understand their loyal duties and chose a good leader to lead their country in right direction.

My Earth; My Responsibility

The duty of a businessman towards his country is to create more employment in the country and not in abroad in order to improve economy as well as reduce poverty in the country.

You may read the full transcript on my research page. We should think for some strategies to ensure the nature is in a good condition. One earth is simply not sufficient anymore to provide for our needs. We must maximize the efficiency with which we use energy and fresh water.

In just a few centuries with the advent of science and technology, powered by fossil fuels, humanity has moved from feeling largely at the mercy of the Creation to a world-view where we thought we were omnipotent - that our power was limitless.

So children should be encouraged in some class and home activities that make them relate to Nature and do something productive.

For example, certain places may experience droughts. The US Constitution lays out rights and responsibilities for citizens, elected representatives, the States and the Federal government, but it gives no rights to the Earth. Clearly we must stabilize and then reduce the global population, a process that will take generations.

They should provide solutions to needy people, vote intelligently and pay their all taxes a proper time.

We need to understand a key distinction pointed out by E. The universal should learn by heart that we will not stay longer in this world and it will be inherit to a new generations as the heir of conditioning. It will be easy if we want.

Nature and our responsibility towards it Essay Sample

Where we lack detailed knowledge, we need the vision to follow broad principles that are earth-centered rather than human-centered. It is us who have right to rule the country by selecting a good leader. They should respect the authority and do not break rules as well as motivate others to do the same.

Therefore, we should practise good habits that help to keep the air clean. Another reason corporations can be beneficial to the society is by creating better working conditions for the employees and support for a cause. Honestly, I appeal for something make aware of our environment in the future.

The steps mentioned above if taken by parents, school authorities and children, then many things can change. Too much development has lead to pollution and destruction of the nature.Human's Responsibility to the Earth Essay.

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Essay on Environment – Our Responsibility

Download. Share or Embed Document. Sharing Options. The constant flow of solar energy into the Earth system provides virtually all the energy to keep our planet warm, drive the cycles of matter, and sustain life.

Examples of. Solutions of environmental problems are not impossible to superior creature humans if they are committed. As a youth & global citizen, I too have the responsibilities to my mother earth. My first role towards nature is to reduce my own carbon footprint via eco-friendly activities.

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Nowadays, the younger generations are the heir s of the modern technology addiction which seems to be doing more harm than good to themselves and the environment. Too much development has lead to pollution and destruction of the nature.

As a result, the temperature of the Earth’s surface rises. This effect is called the greenhouse effect. Here's a brief information about role of environmental education in this brief essay on environmental education and its advantages. Terms and Disclaimer; Contact Us; Environmental Education: Role of Students Towards Environment.

By Author / On October 4, how as a human we are crucial for earth’s survival and how as a. It is important essay on responsibilities towards earth keep the environment clean so that all living things continue to live in comfort and safety.

Polluted water can affect the local flora and fauna in addition to the dangers posed to the aquatic species.

Essay on responsibilities towards earth
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