Barry goldwater and lyndon johnson the issues of the election of 1964

Goldwater had a habit of making blunt statements about warnuclear weaponsand economics that could be turned against him.

The conservatives favored a low-tax, small federal government which supported individual rights and business interests and opposed social welfare programs. As a measure of how Democratic Arizona had been since joining the Union 40 years earlier, Goldwater was only the second Republican ever to represent Arizona in the Senate.

Even without the ad Johnson could expect a huge victory. LBJ advocated more such programs, and afterinstituted three: Outside the South, Goldwater carried only his own state of Arizona.

The conservatives had historically been based in the American Midwestbut beginning in the s they had been gaining in power in the South and West.

Family[ edit ] Inhe married Margaret "Peggy" Johnson, daughter of a prominent industrialist from Muncie, Indiana. Rockefeller, who had been leading in the polls over other Republican candidates by a comfortable margin just weeks previously, saw a significant decrease in support for his candidacy.

Goldwater denied the charge. Rockefeller stood in contrast to the conservative wing of the Republican Party, whose champion was Barry Goldwater, Senator from Arizona. Indeed, never in modern political history has a Presidential candidate suffered a more brutal, overwhelming and humiliating rejection by the American people.

The final showdown between Goldwater and Rockefeller was in the California primary.

United States presidential election, 1964

Nixon, a moderate with ties to both wings of the GOP, had been able to unite the factions in ; in his absence the way was clear for the two factions to engage in an all-out political civil war for the nomination. Former Vice-President Richard Nixonwho had been beaten by Kennedy in the extremely close presidential election, decided not to run.

Many historians consider this speech—" A Time for Choosing "—to mark the beginning of Reagan's transformation from an actor to a political leader.

Barry Goldwater

The electoral vote domination was even greater; Johnson won 44 states and Washington, D. He gave up re-election for the Senate in in favor of his presidential campaign. This issue will not be fixed prior to the election, so you may want to visit toWin using a different web browser.

Washington DC given electoral representation Number of Electors reaches ; has remained there to this day Issues of the Day: Some 1, psychiatrists appeared to agree that Goldwater was "emotionally unstable" and unfit for office, though none of the members had actually interviewed him.

Ina group of twenty-two conservatives including Congressman John M.

1964 Presidential Election

Barry Goldwater, a Senator from Arizonawas the champion of the conservatives. He spent most of the war flying between the U. His fervor against Communism was positively frightening. Democrats delighted in pointing out that the junior senator was so headstrong that he had gone out his way to criticize the president of his own party.

Goldwater's uncle Morris Goldwater — was an Arizona territorial and state legislator, mayor of Prescott, Arizonaand a businessman. As a colonel he also founded the Arizona Air National Guardand he would desegregate it two years before the rest of the U.

Shortly before the Republican Convention, he had alienated moderate Republicans by his vote against the Civil Rights Act of ,[10] which Johnson championed and signed into law.

They had four children: Some cynics wore buttons saying "Even Johnson is better than Goldwater! Their champion and savior, Barry Goldwater, was at the head of the national ticket. Goldwater made moral leadership a major theme of his campaign.

Barry Goldwater, a Senator from Arizonawas the champion of the conservatives. Goldwater became a widower inand in he married Susan Wechsler, a nurse 32 years his junior.In one of the most crushing victories in the history of U.S. presidential elections, incumbent Lyndon Baines Johnson defeats Republican challenger Barry Goldwater, Sr.

The Barry Goldwater presidential campaign of began when United States Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona elected to seek the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States to challenge incumbent Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson. Sep 20,  · Vice President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in, becoming the 36th President in American history.

Lyndon Johnson sought to carry on many of Kennedy’s. Biggest Losers: Barry Goldwater and the Election of Date: 26 May Author: Sean Munger 3 Comments This is the final article in my series called “Biggest Losers,” profiling the men who lost the ultimate political contest–an election for President of the United States–and lost big.

Lyndon Johnson secured passage of the Civil Rights Act of by Select one: a. appealing to the public with a televised "fireside chat." b. gaining support from leading Republicans in Congress.

Nov 04,  · The United States presidential election of was the 45th quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 3, Lyndon B.

Johnson defeats Goldwater for presidency

Johnson Democratic Barry Goldwater Republican Unpledged Electors Unpledged Democratic United States presidential election, topic.

Barry goldwater and lyndon johnson the issues of the election of 1964
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